I quit my corporate job today. I was called “brave” for pursuing my dream of travel. Is scared sh*tless synonymous for brave?

I’m leaving the comfort of wonderful p2016-08-20 12.53.26eople, stable pay and a role with respect. Isn’t that what most people ask for? But here I am, leaving something stable and seeking the unknown. I don’t know the first thing about tent camping; I grew up camping in an RV or what’s commonly known today as “glamping.” I don’t have a rugged car and my sister made fun of me when I wanted to apply my “travel often” and “adventure awaits” decals on my Acura sedan.

Nevertheless I’ll be packing up my Acura sedan (hell no I’m not trading in for a 4-runner just to look the part) equipped with my “travel often” and “adventure awaits” decals (sorry, sis) in exactly four weeks for a brave, new adventure.

I’m 31 and something that’s happened over the many years of living in Texas is that I’ve become a lover of the heat. Yeah, yeah…I’m sure lots of people say that. But when I say I love the heat I mean it. My best runs are in 90+ degree weather and the only time I run half marathons is from June to August. So here I am…end of August, embarking on a new adventure of travel to Canada. WTF am I thinking?! I’m thinking ‘Winter is Coming’ and for a HUGE Game of Thrones fan, this couldn’t be a more perfect time to embark on this adventure. Get ready folks…I’ll be playing up this GoT subtheme to the max.  4 weeks until travel.


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