I Facetimed with a true outdoorsman last week. Out of the kindness of his and his wife’s hearts they took pity on me to offer up advice for my upcoming trip.

First questions and responses…2016-08-25 21.55.14
True Outdoorsman: “Kimi, how do you do with altitude?”
Kimi: “Not well.”

True Outdoorsman: “How, do you do with the cold?”
Kimi: “Not very well.”

True Outdoorsman: “What are you planning to do for food?”
Kimi: “There’s this free car cooler that comes with a trunk organizer on Amazon…”

It was a rocky start but he handled my naivety with patience and humor. It continued and ended with me feverishly taking down notes on every one of his words. As a result, here’s an Executive Summary of what I now know:

  • For every 1,000 feet you ascend, the temperature drops 3 degrees.
  • Base, middle and rain gear are needed to stay warm and dry in the mountains.
  • Three of anything is the universal distress signal for help. For example: three long whistles, three fires in a row, etc.
  • There’s a way to stay connected…even in the mountains.
  • Bears can open car doors if they smell food inside!
  • In cold climates sleeping on an air mattress without flannel sheets can be like sleeping on a block of ice.
  • Bears are omnivores…swap the Suave Rosemary + Mint scented shampoo for unscented.
  • Colorado has the best micro-breweries in America and Ouray Brewing Co. has the greasiest must-try burger!

Also, as a result of our conversation, I’m now a proud owner of a YETI cooler. I was sold on it right about the time we started talking about bears pulling doors off cars if they smell food inside. My hope is that by keeping my food inside the YETI, within my trunk, it should be safe.

Simply thumbing through my multiple pages of notes gives me some sense of peace-of-mind that I’ll be “okay” while I’m out there, on the road. With still three weeks ahead of me I have plenty of time to round up the necessary items still remaining on my shopping lists. But I have to wonder, how is all of this going to fit in my car? We’ll cross that road when we get there.

Thank you to my dear friends in Lafayette, LA. Your knowledge, support, and kind words have meant more to me than you know. Thanks for all the laughs last week!

One thought on “Preparedness

  1. Katy Matirne

    Kimi this will be an adventure for us as well by keeping up with you lol. A couple tidbits we forgot to mention is “Socks” and “Hiking Shoes” . We have experienced a few brands of socks, Smart Wool and Darn Tuff. Both are great. As for hiking shoes, there are so many brands and styles. We each have our fav but since you’ve been hiking recently you probably have a pair broken in lol. Look forward to reading more..

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