If I had any doubt about my upcoming adventure, it’s completely annihilated now.

I spent an excruciatingly short amount of this weekend at Mount Rainier National Park. With the air travel time, and subsequent 2-hour drive to/from the park, my total time to enjoy the park was zilch. I felt like a two-year-old being pulled away from her toys when it was time for me to leave.
2016-09-04 08.22.34The full day I had there, I spent it hiking Mount Rainier which both fueled my soul and challenged my body. My uncle prepared me prior to this trip by saying “the mountain makes his own weather.” As a result, I being a Type-A, newly outdoorsy, hiker, brought all sorts of gear to be prepared for the worst. But Mount Rainier blessed me with clear skies and full sun (my cheeks are ever so pink as a result).

I’m also happy I brought all my rain gear because being so acclimated to warmer weather I ended up wearing it most of the time anyway. I saw many happy hikers in shorts and short-sleeved shirts. But I was perfectly comfortable in my hiking pants, long-sleeved shirt and full rain gear.


Sidebar, I love how easily we personify mountains. Rather than saying “it,” we often say “he” or “she.” There’s something about them that portrays such character, we can’t help but associate them with a personality. The Japanese best personify their iconic Mountain Fuji as happy but sometimes ill-tempered. I love the idea of these massive geological phenomenons being given happy and silly personalities. Fujisan (the honorable Fuji, as he’s often called) is brought to life in gift shops with a big smiling face or even word bubbles spouting from his mouth.

If I could give Mount Rainier a personality I’d probably say he’s a “means business” sort of guy. I read that ice and rock is continuously breaking away from Mount Rainier’s peak, sending water and debris down the mountain at an unpredictable frequency and pace. Mount Rainier does what he wants, when he wants…sounds like someone I’d like to have in my life. 2016-09-04 09.02.51

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