People I’ve spoken to about my plans tend to fall in one of two camps: (1) Those that question my sanity or (2) Those that wish they could take my place on this adventure.

It’s been a rather interesting social experiment. Some of the more adventure-minded individuals are those that I expected to think more conservatively. But rather than drill me with questions about bears, guns, weather, bad people, car trouble, going #2 outdoors (I’ve heard it all), they tell me things like “follow your heart” and “you’re smart to do it now.” Hands down one of the most common questions I receive from those in camp #2 is, “What inspired this?”

2010-05-01-00-23-00I think it goes back to my roots. Even though I grew up RV camping, the act of being on the road and exploring strange (to me, because it wasn’t the suburbs), new places was exciting. We traveled the nation in our RV and those were some of the fondest memories of my life.

Also, in the last several years I’ve been through a lot of change in terms of my body and exercise (those that have known me for some time know I’m 70 lbs. lighter than I once was). I started feeling bored with my normal routine of running, boot camp and yoga and was craving something to mix things up. That’s when I started scheduling flights for hiking trips. I only got so far to schedule two: Zion National Park, Utah and Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, before realizing air travel wasn’t a viable option if I wanted to keep up my new passion.

2010-05-01-00-21-32In the past couple years I also developed what I refer to as my Personal Core Values (PCVs). They’re five things I attempt to focus my efforts around to be the best version of myself. No one is perfect but when I asked myself, “Kimi, what matters most to you?” my values looked like this: Spirituality, Travel, Learning, Healthy Living and Business/Career.

When making decisions, typically I’ll hit one maybe two of my PCVs. But when thinking through this decision I realized I actually hit all five! You’re probably thinking “How does quitting a corporate job you love, help your career?” Sometimes the best time for a change is when you, and those around you, least expect it.


Thank you to everyone that has given me ideas, gear and trip tips in preparation for next week! Your advice has helped me determine my route and it’s complete. Check out the amazing places I’ll be spending the next two months of my life! Final departure date: Saturday, September 17.

Food for thought: What matters most to you?

6 thoughts on “Roots

  1. Katy Matirne

    We are so excited for your departure and look forward to reading your blog. Please tells us the difference between the purple and blue pins. Is it optional routes? May the adventure and fun begin !!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. travelingkimi

    Thanks Katy! Sorry the confusion, I’m still learning about how to master the Google map 🙂 It’s really new to me!

    Purple is simply my trip up and blue indicates the stops on my trip back to Texas. Red = the stops in Canada! All the pins are completely up for change if I meet people I want to team up with or if the weather gets nasty.


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