Did you know a trailer named Shasta even existed? How fitting for this charming, retro trailer to be my home on my first official night on the adventure.

2016-09-21-07-34-40Upon driving up to the adorable bungalow I literally said the words, “Could this be more perfect?!” Even the name, “Shasta” brought to me images of a free-spirit (perhaps with dreadlocks) that explores the world seeking experiences.

I’ll never forget the Monday that I put in notice at work and went to my routine yoga class at 6:00 p.m. that evening. The class was all women (a rarity) and something about it felt safe and comforting. I’m usually very quiet before class, with anxious thoughts, eager to decompress my mind from a Monday’s work.

That day our yoga instructor asked the usual question, “How is everyone today?” and I said “I quit my job today to car camp to Canada.” I received applause. Surprised and amused, I said, “I guess this is the group I need to go to when I start having doubts.”

After class, my yoga instructor, whom I consider a role model and friend, offered up her property in Taos, New Mexico equipped with two retro trailers – an Airstream and of course, the Shasta – for a leg of my adventure. Having never been to Taos, I graciously accepted her offer.


Driving to and subsequently from Taos was like no other experience. Others had told me I’m leaving at the perfect time of year to see the leaves changing but I didn’t put much stock in it. I only wish I could lend you my memories so you can see the vivid yellows, oranges, reds, and lime greens I saw in Carson National Forest. It was awe-inspiring! Unfortunately my crappy camera taking skills will have to do…




4 thoughts on “Shasta

    • travelingkimi

      How cool Natalie!! I’d never seen one before until then. It’d be the perfect little camper if you like to keep things simple while camping. Hope all is well with you and the girls in the office. I think about you all often!


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