Drinking donkey semen, transcendence, good nutrition, bow hunting, meditation, bullet ants, and ancient Egypt.


These are a few of the topics discussed on The Joe Rogan Experience. As you know, I’m in my car a lot these days. I love long road trips, with or without music/podcasts, and easily relax while I take in all the beautiful scenery that surrounds me.

But after a fellow hiker on Rainier (one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met and someone I’d like to meet up with in Victoria) told me about a podcast, Joe Rogan (comedian, Fear Factor host and UFC commentator) hosts with a plethora of interesting guests, it peaked my interest, so I gave it a listen.

I’m clearly not his typical audience. All the guest speakers I’ve heard are men and I’ve heard my fair share of talk about hot chicks, masturbation, and octagon fighting, but I still love it.

In addition to being a man’s man, Joe has an empathetic heart and it’s clear he values pushing himself to his limits. For someone in my position, it helps to listen to someone who “gets it” and understands the value of solitude, meditation, challenging the body and input from others. While he’s self-deprecating and constantly referring to himself as “stupid” or “dumb” when in the presence of PhDs, he’s not dumb, and extremely well-read.


We all need inspiration and to hear words of encouragement from someone who we can relate with. I’m finding I’m that person for many people and I’ve received such a positive response about this blog. A friend of mine recently booked a solo trip to Singapore/Malaysia/Bali and said I helped inspire her to take the steps to proceed with this amazing trip.

While I’d love to take partial credit for inspiring others to do great things, I just can’t. We all captain our own ships, and it’s only through faith in oneself and determination that we can make big decisions that help shape us.

You guys are doing it. If I’m helping in any way for you to take the plunge and do something you’ve been wanting to do for a while, consider me your biggest cheerleader and fan!

Some of my favorite Rogan episodes are #837 – Gad Saad and #846 – Michael Shermer, and with his extensive library of content you can pick and choose your podcasts based on your interests. If you’re accepting of cursing, and possible talk of Rated R material, give it a listen; I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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